Cool New Technology – The CubeSat

In this new segment on, we will be exploring different cool technologies, inventions, gadgets and other devices that we find interesting.

Most of these posts will be based on either customers we work with or suggestions for you all so feel free to let us know about anything cool you hear or read about! So, for our first “Cool New Technology” piece, we take a look at the CubeSat.

Massive advances in technology and miniaturization have led to smaller and smaller satellites. Now, a company called CubeSat has created a “kit” that you can buy to make your own satellite.

Sound crazy? It is.

Check out the links below to an article on Scientific American, the CubeSat build your own satellite site and the associated CubeSat Wikipedia page:

Scientific American:

Build Your Own Kit:

Wikipedia page:

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2 Responses to Cool New Technology – The CubeSat

  1. Expert says:

    Hi there and thanks for your comment!

    Yep, we definitely find the CubeSat to be a cool product! What kind of fasteners do these “kits” that you mention come with or use?

    We always find it interesting to hear about the many different applications that people use our products for, and the CubeSat is no different!

  2. There is also a Cubesat Forum which unlike CubesatKit (that cost > $7500) is free. Cubesat Forum teach you how to build nanosatellites without having to buy all kind of components at enormous prices.

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