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  1. Alexandre Taillon says:

    Good Afternoon,

    My name is Alexandre Taillon and a have a major Fastener dilemma.

    I am installing something on my own residential roof, with a rather large surface area. I have to fasten this to my roof to resist Uplift or it sliding off the roof. The problem however, is using as little screws as i can to fasten it to the roof, meaning that i need to use a fastener with the greatest possible tensile strength without causing integrity damage to the structural beams (2 x 6).

    I am a Mechanical Engineer, and i understand that the greater the Diameter of the screw, and the longer the screw, the greater the tensile strength it can take. But too long and it becomes very hard to pre-drill perpendicular into the 1.5″ of the 2×6. Too large of a Diameter, and it may split open the wood.

    Additionally, different types of screws and bolt provide different strengths. Currently, i am looking at a D3/8″ x 4″ long Hex Lag Screw, but i need to ask an expert? I heard Drive screws are VERY heavy duty and can withstand large amounts of tension, but are these meant for roofs and drilling into wood? And is there combinations of Lag Screws and Drive Screws?

    Your expertise in the matter would be very much appreciated,

    Thank you for your time,

    Alexandre Taillon

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