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  1. Svenstrom says:

    Hello, I often come across a dimensional reference titled “AF” or “A/F”. Can you tell me what this means?

  2. Bekki says:

    How far should a screw thread pass through the nylon insert of a nyloc nut before the grip becomes optimal?

    • Expert says:

      The general rule of thumb is that once you have 1-1/2 to 2 full threads of the bolt protruding past the nylon locking ring of the nut, you’ll be in good shape.

      Ultimately, for the nylon locking mechanism to be effective, the threads of the bolt must be in full contact with the threaded portion of the nut and the nylon ring.

      There is more information on lock nuts available on one of our previous posts:

  3. don says:

    Do you know where i can find M12x60 socket head bolts in black plus 12.9 in tensile strength. I am based in Western Australia and i tried almost every store possible. We use these bots to hold a vibrating counter shaft which weighs 90 kilos. If you guys know any place in Australia where i can find them. Or anywhere online would also be great.

    We normally order them from Germany but it takes a long time to get here, so i am looking for a faster way to get these bots.

    Thank you

    Follow up:

    I forgot to mention one more thing the bolts have to be fully threaded meaning set screws

    • Expert says:

      If what you are looking for is a headless fully threaded screw with a socket drive, yes, it sounds like you are looking for a socket set screw. To be sure, please follow this link to see if the image is similar to the part you are seeking:

      As for the dimensions, M12 x 60mm is pretty much a standard size, as is the steel grade of 12.9.

      As for getting them from elsewhere than Germany, if you can’t easily find them in Australia, the U.S.A. might be another option although the distances are similar. A quick search on Google reveals that the flight distance from Munich to Sydney is 16,326 km (10,145 miles) whereas Mew York to Sydney is sightly less at 15,988 km (9,934 miles). On the Internet, you can learn something new every day!

  4. Svenstrom says:

    Do you know the difference between 304 stainless steel and 302HQ stainless steel?

    My print specifies 304 stainless steel and my supplier is quoting me 302HQ but cannot tell me what the differences are. Is 302HQ a replacement for 304?

    • Expert says:

      From what we can tell, there is no significant difference between the materials when it comes to small fasteners. The 302HQ specification offers reduced cold work hardening in the manufacturing process.

      All the specifications for the two grades of stainless steel in question (as well as virtually all others that relate to fastener production) can be found in our Stainless Steel Specifications report ( ).

      There is also a very good resource at the website. For details on 304 stainless steel, click here. For details on 302HQ stainless steel, click here.

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